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Space Invaders

Hi Vis Space Invaders Hi Vis Space Invaders

Reflective space invader shaped charm

It's all very well wanting to be seen in the dark, especially when it helps you stay alive while cycling or jogging – but finding something that looks cool enough that you'd want to be seen in the dark in is much harder to do. When day-glo sashes and pulsing LED's mounted on your hat are a bit too garish for you to wear, even in the dark – try instead our Space Invader charm, made from reflective hi-vis material and shaped like the characters from the classic video game, they dutifully dangle down from your bike, bag, or briefcase, lighting you up like a safety-conscious arcade machine when a light is shone at them.

Available in a range of random colours/shapes.

Designed by la tête au cube
Space Invaders