Volcano Dip Bowl

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Keep your snacks and sauces over flowing.

  • Chips & Dips Party Bowl.
  • Pour your dipping sauce into the volcano crater.
  • Your dip creates the lava as it spills down into the valley.
  • Made from biodegradable, eco-friendly, natural bamboo fibres.
  • Bamboo fibre. Food grade, waterproof, tough & heat resistant.

Fill up the dish with your favourite sauce and chips and get dipping. The messier the better, any spilt sauce looks like lava flowing down the volcano's slopes toward the lone house in the valley. Terrifying stuff indeed. Get ready for the party to erupt. A great gift for all the friends and family to enjoy. Made from bamboo fibre (a great new eco-alternative to melamine).

An idea by Nick Lerwill made by Suck UK