Impress your guests with your truly unique and cleverly designed barware! Our clever range of bottle openers and party accessories will have you and your friends smiling as you enjoy a cold one. Perfect gift ideas for friends or family.
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Cat Pour Bottle Opener
Skull Bar Spoon
$15.00 New
Playing Card Drink Mats
G-Clamp Bottle Opener
Dinosaur Bottle Opener
Hippo Bottle Opener
Legless Corkscrew
Flask In A Book
$24.00 Best Seller
Magnetic Bottle Opener
Bar Games Beer Mats
Interlocking Cactus Coasters
Key Bottle Opener
My Drinks Journal
Cocktail Challenge
Guitar Bottle Opener
Skull Sugar-Spoon
Beer Connoisseur Poster
Beer Soap
Beer Socks
$15.00 / $25.00
Rock On Bottle Stopper
For Medicinal Purposes
Drinks Break
Death By Wine
Crack One Open
Whiskey Socks on the Rocks
$20.00 New
Products with heart, for the heart of your home. From the novice baker to the experienced chef, there is something for everyone with our one of a kind kitchen range. Let our range inspire your next culinary experience. Stock up the bar and prepare to entertain with our extensive range of bottle openers.
Tools for uncommon living. Iron & Glory was born in the streets and workshops of Brooklyn, NYC. The values and aesthetics of its origin remain, creating products that add style and curiosity in spades. Seeking simplicity in the modern day, Iron & Glory promotes an analogue lifestyle that is reflective of forgotten crafts. Perfect for: artistry admirers, skull fanatics, curiosity collectors, adventurers