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Toothbrush Timer New
A toothbrush holder with a twist.
Day & Night Clock New
Wall clock with rotating skyline.
Candle Bottle Light New
A candle that never blows out.
Bottle Light Multicolour Best Seller
Our best-selling rechargeable light with a colourful twist.
Neon Bird in a Cage
A bird shaped neon light in a metal cage.
Teddy Bear Lamp
A cute teddy with a lamp for a head.
Guard Dog Money Box
Protect your savings better than any piggy.
Multicolour String Light Best Seller
Rechargeable string of multicolour lights for any bottle.
Plant Pot Bookends
A plant pot split in half.
Bird Skull
Jewellery keeper, for your most valued things.
Skull Tidy New
White / Black / Gold $80.00
Organise your essentials in your head.
Skeleton Jewellery Tidy Best Seller
Keep things in the palm of your hand.
Book Rest Lamp
House shaped bedside reading light.
Split-ring Bottle Opener
Keyring that doubles as a bottle opener.
Chemistry Terrarium Kit Best Seller
Custom lab-flask to home a mini indoor garden.
Emergency Money Box
Break glass to get at emergency cash.
Bell Jar Lamp
Illuminate your favourite objects in a glass case.
Globe Journal
Large $120.00 / Small $65.00
Colour in your continents and connect up your countries.
Cork Globe Best Seller
Large $160.00 / Small $80.00
Pinpoint your travels right on the globe.
White Cork Globe New
Large $160.00 / Small $80.00
Pinpoint your travels.
Colour Cork Globe
Large $160.00 / Small $80.00
Pinpoint Your Travels (now in colour).
My Travel Journal
Blue / Black $35.00
A giant diary for a lifetime of globe trotting.
Cross Stitch Map
$40.00 / $28.00
Sew your way around the world.
Rubber Ashtray
Indestructible soft & squeezy ashtray.
Solar System Hooks
Keep your space tidy.
Rocket Moon Clock
Watch time fly.
Rechargeable Bottle Light Best Seller
$15.00 / Twin Pack $30.00
Rechargeable light that turns bottles into lamps
White Bottle String Light Best Seller
Rechargeable string of lights for any bottle.
Fibre Optic Bottle Light Best Seller
Add the perfect sparkle to your bottles.
Rechargeable Floating Light
Rechargeable light turns glasses into lamps
Bunny Light
Porcelain white rabbit with a light-up tail.
My Life Story
Black / Natural $45.00
A diary for a whole lifetime of memories.
Our Life Story
Black / Grey $60.00
Joint diary for your adventures together.
Skate Mirror
Glass skateboard to hang on your wall.
Coffee Table
Standard $3700.00
Furniture that lights up the room.
Fetch My Keys
Find your keys, whistle and they beep.
Animal Head Key Holder
Bull / Rhino / Tiger $15.00
Steel trophy heads with magnetic shield.
Flask In A Book
Stash your drink inside the Good Book.
Key Bottle Opener
Looks like a regular key - Opens bottles.
Punch Bag Laundry Bag Best Seller
Turn a chore into a workout
Dirty Sock Monkey
Huggable Sock Monkey Laundry Bag.
Sprout Bookmark
Don't lose your page, bring books to life.
T-Shirt Folder
Perfectly folded T-shirts every time.
Come In & Go Away "Ambigram"
Desktop Cork Pinboard
Ornate picture frame made from cork.
Crazy Laces
Rainbow / Strawberry / USA $8.00
Do up your shoes with bright designs.
Greedy Pig
Turn empty containers into piggy banks.
Ball Socks
Basketball / Tennis / Baseball / 8 Ball $8.00
Roll your socks into footballs, baseballs...
Bauble Socks
Santa / Snowman $8.00
Roll up your socks into Xmas baubles.