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Bring some light and imagination to your home with these uniquely designed lamps and lights. Guaranteed to brighten up any home, these cleverly designed lights will be a welcome addition to any room.
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Cordless Smiley® Lightbulb
$40.00 New
Cordless Lightbulb
$40.00 Best Seller
Cordless Heart Lightbulb
$40.00 Best Seller
Sun Jar
Book Rest Lamp
Bottle Light
$15.00 / $24.00
Multicolour Bottle Light
Candle Bottle Light
Cordless Star Lightbulb
Cordless Rainbow Lightbulb
$40.00 Best Seller
Glow Brick
Brighten and add some personality to any room with our playful take on home décor. Uniquely designed to inject some character and make your house a home. Transform your living space with our curated range for the bedroom, kitchen and lounge.
Upcycle your empty bottles and jazz up your home with the original and iconic bottle light! With numerous styles and colours to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice by our selection. Both fun and functional, our Bottle Lights are USB rechargeable and light up for hours on a single charge.