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Black drumstick pens

Drumstick Pens

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2 pens that are also fun drumsticks.

  • Set of two pens shaped like drumsticks
  • Available in blue or black
  • Made from sustainable wood
  • Each pen measures 1.2cm(W) x 22.5cm(H)

A pair of drumsticks handily combined with ballpoint pens, for persistent amateur tappers and professional drummers. Know someone who thinks they're the next Phil Collins? Or just a fidgety pen tapper? This is the perfect gift, your drumming pal can practice keeping a beat and in one swift rotation look busy at work! Quieter than a full size drum kit, cheaper, and kinder on the neighbours.

An idea by Moko made by Suck UK

10 x 220 x 10mm | 8g

The designer
Suck UK - Designer
Products by Moko made by Suck UK
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