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Pacifier Bottle Opener

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A childish way to open beer.

There is a grown-up equivalent to the calming effects of warm milk… Cold beer! Pacify your thirst, open bottles with a metal baby’s dummy. Mommy’s not there to jam a bottle in your mouth every time you feel like throwing a tantrum in the supermarket, and it’s no longer acceptable to start screaming when you don’t get your own way.

An idea by Axle Dean Looslie made by Suck UK

The designer
Suck UK - Designer
Axle Dean Looslie
Axle was born and raised in Idaho Falls, USA. His love for art, building and design mirrored the talents and abilities he was raised on. His mother is a natural born artist who is creatively driven. His father is a lover of tools and a detailed craftsman. He has one older sister who focuses her energy on the art of making people look and feel beautiful. All of these driving forces guided him to Brigham Young University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Industrial Design in 2013. He met his wife Rachel in his early days in college, she has proven to be his biggest fan, a constant source of love and endless support. Axle is a regular contributor to SUCK UK.