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Kids MugShot
Kids Height Chart
Mugshot Height Chart
Mug Shot Heaight Chart Set
Fake Mugshot Height Chart Poster

Mugshot Height Chart

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Keep a photographic record of your little reprobates.

  • Double sided poster with measurements in feet & inches / metres & cm.
  • 10 double sided number cards to show your age.
  • Keep a photographic record of your little ones as they grow.
  • Perfect for kids parties / weddings / graduations... (Not just for kids)

A double-sided paper poster and set of 10 number cards. Create a convict-style case file on the growth of your little terrors, complete with photographic evidence! Start by ensuring the poster correctly records the height, then ask the suspect to hold the numbered age cards in front of their chest. Take two photos, one front-view, one side-view, and you'll have an almost official criminal record to add to the photo album. A light-hearted gift for friends with adorable (crazy) kids. Design by Rosie Upright for SUCK UK

An idea by Rosie Upright made by Suck UK

123 x 200 x 20mm | 0.2Kg

The designer
Suck UK - Designer
Rosie Upright
Rosie was born and raised in Sunderland but fled for the bright lights of London to study graphic design in 2006, having developed a strong interest of the subject after visiting a Peter Saville exhibition whilst at college. An obsession with all things print and ephemera followed – shunning the digital world for the hand rendered, which is still apparent today in her watercolour pet portraits and bespoke illustration business. When not working as a designer at Suck UK HQ, she can usually be found organising her stationery cupboard with her cat Biggie Smalls at home in East London.