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ReRecordable Greeting Card in the shape of a Mix Tape
Old School Cassette tape Greeting Card
Cassette Tape - Recordable Greeting Card
Cardboard Cassette Tape

Send a Sound Message

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Re-recordable greeting card.

  • A cassette tape shaped greeting card with inbuilt voice recorder
  • Re-recordable & endlessly reusable
  • Personal message plays automatically when card opened
  • Two minuets recording time

A cassette-tape-shaped greeting card for sending recorded messages to friends and family. When a hand written message doesn't quite cut it, send a sound recording in the form of a retro mixtape. Record for up to two minutes, handwrite a message, seal with the included sticker and send off to the lucky recipient. Your message will play automatically when the card is opened. A fun surprise to find in your letter box! Design by Nick Forrester for SUCK UK

An idea by Nick Forrester made by Suck UK

100 x 65 x 11mm | 23.8g

The designer
Suck UK - Designer
Nick Forrester
Nick (aka Fozz) is Staffordshire born and raised but now lives and works here in London. He is obsessed with design in all forms and regularly attends exhibitions, galleries, and trade shows for fun, with his yearly highlight being Dutch Design Week. From finishing University with a First in Product Design, he now works for us at Suck UK as a Product Developer, but still submits his ideas with the hope of getting them produced. Some of Nick’s designs include; UFO Storage Jar, Send a Sound, TV Lunch Box, and My Gardening Handbook which was inspired from his experience in Horticulture and Arboriculture. Gaining knowledge and inspiration from anything and everything, who knows what he’ll come up with next.
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