Fruitful shopping bags

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Reusable bags in the shape of fruit (Luckies)

  • Reuseable and Eco friendly.
  • Extremely compact when folded.
  • Nice and big when opened up.
  • Drawstring and zip closures.
  • Light-weight and water-resistant.

Carry groceries in cute reusable bags shaped like your favorite colorful fruit. Reusable bags are an environmentally friendly alternative to single-use plastic or paper bags, so each time you use them, you’re doing something that makes the world a little more livable. When you’re not using them, simply roll them up and zip them closed or use the drawstring for compact storage. Keep one in your backpack, desk drawer and glove compartment so you’ll always have one on hand when needed. Each holds up to 11 pounds and is made of water-resistant polyester. YOU’LL NEVER NEED ANOTHER SINGLE-USE PLASTIC BAG!

An idea by Luckies of London made by Suck UK