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Brighten up any workspace with our cleverly designed stationery gifts. There is no better present for a co-worker or stationery lover. Here you will find everything from the practical with a hint of fun, to the truly unique. Give any desk a makeover and be sure to make it your own.
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Blank Ticket Book New
Give great tickets.
Rockstar Ruler New
Create great lines and smooth curves.
Memo Tape New
Paper tape designed to be written on.
Write on Ribbon New
Tear proof gift ribbon for writing messages.
Pencil People New
Bunny & Claude / Buzz & Peggy / Pancho & Jessie $8.00
Pencils with faces and eraser hats.
Doughnut Tape
Paper washi tape printed with sweet designs.
Sushi Tape
Delicious looking paper washi tape.
Space Tape New
Decorative paper washi tape.
Skull Scissors
Dead sharp, finest quality scissors.
Transparent Measuring Stickers
Restickable rulers, set squares and protractors.
World Timeline Tape
History Unravelled.
Mini Mail
Fold-up message memos.
CMYK Sticky Notes
Transparent colourful memos.
Space Shuttle Stationery
Interlocking pens, pencils and giant eraser.
Sketch in full colour.
Carpenters Level
Pencil with a built in spirit level.
Carousel Eraser & Pencil
Merry-go-round horse stationery set.
3m of Facts
10ft Tape measure filled with fun stats.
My Life Story
Black / Natural $45.00
A diary for a whole lifetime of memories.
Our Life Story
Black / Grey $45.00
Joint diary for your adventures together.
My Travel Journal
Blue / Black $35.00
A giant diary for a lifetime of globe trotting.
Create Your Own Notebook
The everlasting notebook, reuse old paper before recycling it.
Push Pin Clips
Rose / Gold $12.00
Display photos without leaving pinholes
Touch Screen Stylus (Pencil)
Red $12.00
More accurate than using your fingers.
3D Sticky Note Specimen Box
Paper butterfly wall decorations & notes - specimen edition.
Cork Tape Dispenser
Tape Dispenser made entirely from cork.
Table Tennis Notebooks
Two bats and a net printed onto notebook covers.
Cork Cactus
Prickly desktop organiser.
Solar System Erasers Best Seller
8 Tiny planets made from rubber.
Walking Erasers
Robot / Gorilla $12.00
Walking monsters made from rubber.
3D Sticky Notes
Paper butterfly wall decorations & notes
Fly Push Pins
Joke bugs to pin on your noticeboard.
Transparent Notes
Bolt / Star $5.00
Clear advantage over regular sticky notes.
Foosball Erasers
Play table football anywhere with a pencil.
Alphabet Erasers
Box of 350 $350.00
Brightly coloured letter shaped erasers.
Text Speak Erasers
OMG $4.00
Colourful erasers & colourful language.
Transparent Notes
Bubble / Heart $5.00
Add comments and likes to anything.
SMS Sticky Notes
Text message conversations on paper.
Touch Point Stylus
Turn anything into a iPhone stylus.
Paper Watch
Decorate your own or stick to white Tyvek.
Jack Rabbit
Headphone splitter, share with friends.
Mix Tape USB Stick
Give the gift of great music on a mixtape.
Drumstick Pen
Blue / Black $8.00
2 pens that are also fun drumsticks.
Drumstick Pencils Best Seller
2 wooden pencils that are also drumsticks.
Sharpener Desk Tidy
Light $20.00 / Double $30.00 / Dark $20.00
Supersize pencil sharpener pen-pot.
Tab Notebooks
Better notebooks because tabs stand out.
Touch Screen Stylus (Pen)
Black $12.00
Perfect stylus for iPad & iPhone.
Push Pins
Disguise / Mole / Nessie $12.00
Fun shaped pins for noticeboards.
Wing Nut Sharpener
Good grip for unrivalled ease of operation.
Carve Your Own Card
Carve your personal message into wood.
House Page Markers
House-shaped colourful blocks of stickers.
Handy Sticky Notes
Communicate with paper hand gestures.
Origami Sticky Notes
Recycle your old notes into Origami.
Musical Ruler
Guidebook to ruler playing, and ruler.
Sprout Bookmark
Don't lose your page, bring books to life.
Make your own ransom note postcards.
Dead Fred Pen Holder
Gruesome - Stab Fred with your pen
Stress-Ball Paul Best Seller
Vindictive - Stress busting rubber toy.


Give life to any desk and get the creative juices flowing with this inspired range of desk accessories. Created by our team of designers, there really is something for everyone. From the novel to the practical, we are sure you will fall in love with our desk accessories.


Gifts so good your kids will be wishing away the holidays. From the coolest lunchboxes to the most fun stationery imaginable, we have everything any child would dream of for those back to school essentials. Welcome the new term with a load of new cool things.