Calm Club Wooden bath board
Calm Club Wooden bath caddy
Calm Club Wooden bath caddy set

Bath Board

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Calm Club Wooden bath caddy set (Luckies)

  • Incense cones and ceramic dish.
  • Book rest for hands-free reading.
  • One size for all all baths (75cm).
  • 100% recyclable packaging.
  • 100% plastic free.

Make time to unwind and give your bathroom a spa-like face lift. Bamboo bath tray with book rest, incense cones and ceramic dish for the ultimate relaxing bath. Organise your soap, bubbles, shampoo and still have space to spare for your rubber duck.See all of Calm Club

An idea by Luckies of London made by Suck UK

720 x 200 x 55mm | 1.2Kg