Cocktail Challenge

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Drink mats with cocktail recipes & game.

A simple guide to making cocktails. Some require more skill and ingredients than others, and some are way more cool. The recipe cards double as a drinking game, or trumps card game based on the vital statistics of each cocktail. Pit your wits against your mates by selecting only the classiest, difficult to make and most alcoholic cocktails.

Designed and made by Suck UK

92 x 92 x 1mm | 4g

Cocktail Challenge Drink Mats With Drinks On Table30 Cocktail Recipes
Cocktail Challenge Drink Mats With Drinks On Table

More than just drink mats

A set of 30 drink mats printed with cocktail recipes and a trumps-style card game. Learn how to make some of the best classic cocktails and win cards by mixing drinks with the best ratings! Then when you've had enough fun, use them as coasters. A great addition to your house parties.

Design by SUCK UK

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