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Come In & Go Away

  • A doormat with two different messages
  • Made from coconut husks - natural and hard wearing
  • Measures 68cm(W) x 2.7cm(H) x 40.5cm(D)

Ambigrams read 2 different things when the writing is viewed upside down. This clever graphic uses an ambigram to greet and dismiss your visiting guests: "Come in" on arrival "Go away" when leaving. Mind boggling.

Designed and made by Suck UK

680 x 27 x 405mm | 1.3Kg


This mind boggling doormat reads 2 different ways. It has to be seen to be believed, but from one side this really does read 'Come In' and from the other 'Go Away'. And when you've finished admiring this remarkable feat of graphic design, you can wipe your feet!

Made with natural materials. Sizes: 650 x 400 mm

Designed by SUCK UK