Paper Teddy

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Decorate and send through the post.

Stuffed and stitched like a real teddy, does everything a greetings card should. Write messages and doodles, write on the address, stick on some stamps, and send through the post. Made form Tyvek it resists water, wont tear, and is easy to write on like paper.

Designed and made by Suck UK


Made from paper-like plastic it resists water and rips and other general abuse but still remains crisp and easy to write on with a biro. It's the perfect way to record how you feel with messages and doodles, then send through the post (by fixing a stamp/address somewhere) to arrive at anything from the birth of a baby to the retirement of a colleague.
To post the teddy in the UK please stick on four 1st class stamps!

Design by Suck UK