Magic Polka Dot Umbrella

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Raindrops expose a playful pattern.

  • A classic plain black umbrella with hidden polka dot print.
  • Glossy black polka dots appear once the umbrella is wet.
  • Pattern is completely invisible when dry.
  • Carbon fibre struts to defy the windiest weather.
  • Lightweight, portable, super-tough and durable.
  • Telescopic, with matching slip-on carry case.

A classic plain-black brolly, with a playful hidden secret. As it rains, this otherwise unremarkable black umbrella, is transformed into a festival of polka-dot fun... like magic. The polka dot print is created with a “secret” ink that is only revealed when wet. Completely invisible when dry, when the heavens open polka dots appear, and the more it rains the more apparent the pattern becomes. Glossy black polka dots on matt black umbrella. Bring joy to a gloomy day - Let it rain. A secretly cheerful gift for sensible bankers. An umbrella so classy you’ll wish it rained every day.

Designed and made by Suck UK