Bunny and Claude

Pencil People

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Pencils with faces and eraser hats.

  • Set of two HB #2 pencils with detachable eraser hats
  • Designed in the style of 1920's inspired character's
  • First in our series of Partners Editions

A set of two pencils with detachable eraser hats. Inspired by the elegance of 1920's fashion, these characterful pencils will add some serious style to your pencil case. Smartly dressed stationery in even smarter packaging.

Designed and made by Suck UK

Bunny & Claude 14 x 180 x 16mm | 6.05g
Buzz & Peggy 14 x 180 x 16mm | 6g
Pancho & Jessie 14 x 180 x 16mm | 6g

Pencil people on desks
Penci peoplel in packs

Pencils with personality

These characterful pencils will add a bit of fun to your pencil case. Each pack contains two pencils with detachable eraser hats. Choose from sharply dressed Bunny & Claude, suited up Buzz and Peggy or wild cards Pancho & Jessie.

Design by SUCK UK

Pencil people - pencils with eraser hats