Squashed Man Orange Coaster

Splat Stan Coaster

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Shocking - Squash Stan with your mug.

Perfect if you are feeling stressed at your desk, just reach over and give stan a good squashing with your mug of hot coffee... Yeargh! Feeling better? Good. Back to work then. Stan will also protect your table from tea and coffee dribbles and drips.

Designed and made by Suck UK

130 x 128 x 22mm | 67g


Drinks coaster
Local Hero! Stan got splatted protecting your table from stains from your coffee cup. Made in Silicone Rubber. Check out Stan's pals - Dead Fred, Book Mark and Stress Paul for more accessories who have died trying to make your life easier!

Design by Suck UK

He's related to Dead Fred, Splat Stan and Stress Paul, so is no stranger to tragedy.