Wooden rocket salt and pepper grinders
Wooden rocket salt and pepper mills with one in hand
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Light and dark wood rocket salt and pepper mills
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Rocket Salt & Pepper Mill

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Really big wooden grinders

  • 100% beech wood salt & pepper grinder.
  • 14" / 36cm tall
  • High quality ceramic mechanisms for a reliably great grind.
  • New engraved design for 2019
  • Adjustable, choose exactly how fine or course you want your grind.

Turn your kitchen table into Cape Canaveral. Salt & pepper mills in the form of classic, sculptural space rockets. 14” (36cm) tall and made from solid beech wood. Ceramic mechanisms provides the best performance and a simple twist adjustment sets the coarseness of your grind. Fresh ground condiments make your food taste out of this world. A great gift for seasoned space travellers and gastronomical adventurers.

Designed and made by Suck UK

105 x 360 x 105mm | 0.5Kg